Allen Landver is a writer, filmmaker, and actor. He was born in Los Angeles to a teenage mother, and a father who sold Levi's in East Los Angeles. His parents and grandparents are all originally from Odessa and Kiev in the former Soviet Union.

Allen is a graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory, Catalyst Fest Alumni, Risk! Podcast Storyteller, and the creator of the award-winning web series Broke A$$ Rich Kid.

Allen explores themes of identity, class, and spirituality in his work, and likes to find the universe in small stories as well as search for tiny moments in the largest worlds.


His favorite work of art is "The Orator" by the painter Magnus Zeller. It lives at LACMA and if you would like to view it Allen would be happy to join you at the museum for a cup of coffee.


  • Best Comedy Writing Award — 2019 New Jersey Web Fest (Broke A$$ Rich Kid)

  • Best Acting Award — 2019 London Short Series Festival (Broke A$$ Rich Kid)

  • Best Comedy Writing Award— 2018 Rio Web Fest (Broke A$$ Rich Kid)

  • 2019 London Short Series Festival Official Selection

  • 2019 New Jersey Web Fest Official Selection

  • 2019 New Jersey Web Fest Nominations for Best Comedy Writing, Best Dramedy Series, Best Supporting Actress (Ellen Gerstein), Best Musical Score (Allyson Newman)

  • 2019 We Make Movies International Film Festival Official Selection

  • 2019 Miami Web Fest New Media Star Selection

  • 2019 Miami Web Fest Best Comedy Actor Nomination

  • 2018 Rio Web Fest Official Selection

  • 2018 Rio Web Fest Best Actor in a Comedy Nomination

  • 2018 Catalyst Fest Network Notes Selection

  • 2018 New Media Film Fest Official Selection



  • BAFTA winning showrunner Paul Abbott

  • Oscar winning screenwriter Tom Schulman

  • Playwright and TV writer Jonanthan Caren

Direct Contact


Blake Viglione

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