Richard is King (Comedy) — A struggling music manager in Burbank, CA becomes obsessed with defeating his insecure and materialistic friend in a game of ping pong. In Development.

ItXh (Horror)  —  A group of 10 American strangers are invited to a remote castle in the middle of the country for a reality show and then start to get slaughtered one by one. Could one of them be the killer? A modern day retelling of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.


Plan C (Original Limited Series | Drama) — A pro-life activist experiences a crisis of faith with the pro-life cause while searching for the kidnapped child of a United States Supreme Court Justice.

A Funny Murder: (Original Pilot | 1 Hour Drama) — A washed up comedian in Los Angeles is sucked back into the career he has been running from for decades after his daughter is kidnapped by a deranged clown.

Short Fiction


Short Films

Licorice (Dark Comedy, 2021—  At a dinner party for two 30-something couples, the death of a dog and the birth of a child unexpectedly converge. 

For the Record (Comedy, 2021) — Sam stops by his best friend's house to get back his favorite vinyl record during a global pandemic. Film Coming Soon.