For the Record (Comedy, 2021) — Sam stops by his best friend's house to get his favorite vinyl record during the pandemic. 

Dirty Diamond (Dark Comedy, 2020— It's the early 90’s, and a normal day at work goes upside down when TV hosts Brent and Kathy of the Universal Shopping Network have to sell one million dollars of the 47th Street Diamond Collection in eight minutes on live TV, or they go kaboom. 


Plan C (30 Min Original Drama/Thriller Pilot) — A pro-life activist experiences a crisis of faith with the pro-life cause while searching for the kidnapped child of a United States Supreme Court Justice.

Broke A$$ Rich Kid (30 min Original Comedy Pilot) —  A cutting satire of status and privilege that centers on the relationship between an immigrant mother and her financially inept son.

A Funny Murder (1 hour Original Pilot | Dark Comedy— A washed up comedian installing billboards in Hollywood is sucked back into the past he has been running from for decades after his daughter is kidnapped by a deranged clown.


Richard is King (Feature Comedy) — A struggling music manager in Los Angeles becomes obsessed with defeating his insecure friend in a game of ping pong.

Building Willy Bird (Feature Adventure/Drama)  —  A ten year old boy returns to San Francisco from the afterlife in order to save his sister's life.

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